Best Ways to Calm Down During Stress and Anxiety

Living in states of anxiety and stress are the norms these days, evidenced by the increase in the sale of books on mental health. Entrepreneurs admit to being addicted to “the routine” and “the hustle and bustle”, some use it as a badge of honor. He has created what Barnes and Noble calls “The Anxious Nation,” which is excellent for booksellers, but not so much for the rest of us.

As an entrepreneur who, like many, juggles with family, well-being and personal life, I am guilty of reaching everything “on two wheels”, at the moment the meeting begins and I always strive to achieve everything I do Whether it’s a project, an event, a training and even the creative meals that I serve my family for dinner. We hurry from Monday to Friday and when the weekend comes to an end, we are glad that the five-day workweek fight is over, until Scaries arrives on Sunday.

We accept the struggle as a necessary facet of modern life, but should we? What is the root of this lifestyle and how can we change it. If we look around, we see an ocean full of “scammers” and “busy” people who are competitive and live in a world of dogs and dogs. We believe that the hustle and bustle must be equal to happiness, and we feel that we need to be “busy” or in the act of “doing” to feel effective and satisfied. We speak quickly, send text messages quickly and order many things “to go” in this busy world.

And we are hard on ourselves, usually unhappy with our bodies or our performance results, and forget who we are trying to please in the first place. Are we really connecting with our hearts? Are we listening to our breaths? For most of us, no. I started practicing yoga more seriously than “just to stretch” about 10 years ago, just after my first child was born. Through lessons from expert yogis who focus on breathing work and meditation, I learned to look inward.

When we look for self-help, we look outwards: we look for self-help books, we approach therapists and even more frequently now, we express our feelings on social networks and tell the world what we are going through. for validation, support and affirmation. We depend on others, and that’s fine, but in doing so, we have lost connection with ourselves: our hearts, our breathing, our minds.

Try This One Minute
Breathing Exercise:

A technique called “Box
Breathing” is a great way to start and is useful for managing stress:
inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, pause at the bottom of the
exhale for a count of 4 and repeat . This deep breathing exercise has proven to
be a powerful stress reliever and effective in improving concentration and is
promoted by everyone, from athletes to Navy SEALS.

Practice Having The
Right Mindset:

While some days may be better than others, our mantras should not be “The fight is real!” A couple of mental tactics that can help relieve anxiety during the workday include expressing gratitude and resisting perfectionism. So, for example, recognize the people and opportunities around you that are lucky to have, from the simplest things like good coffee in the office to more complex things like a great team and the ability to flexible hours or work from remotely.

With respect to perfectionism, recognize that mistakes can occur and use them as learning opportunities. Focus more on what you can control, such as your attitude, how much you try and how you treat people. The next time you enter a meeting, open the door to someone, offer a genuine compliment or simply listen to someone without looking at your phone. Or better yet, take the meeting outside and turn it into “tiring work,” since exercise and fresh air reduce stress.

In this “anxious nation” where time flies, we have to pause, breathe and look inward. My hope is that in the future, we will have a better connection with our hearts, and our obsession with “the struggle” will be replaced by feeling joy and gratitude, feeling more connected to ourselves and, ultimately, more alive. Because it’s inhalation and exhalation, our own breaths, that keep us alive, right.

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