How to Make Chicken Corn Soup At Home

Winter has already announced its presence in most of the world and a cold wind is blowing and the cold weather will soon take over. In this kind of weather, the food becomes even tastier and feels much more delicious, but it is difficult to go out and buy. So, today we will tell you how to make chicken and corn soup at home easily in minutes.

List Of

boneless 400gOne
liter of waterCarrot
a numberFifty
grams of onionProven
hot spices a tablespoongarlic
four oatsFifty
grams of green corianderSalt
custom tasteChicken
powder One tablespoonHalf
a teaspoon of white chili powderRed
Chilli Sauce A tablespoonSweet
corn paste three tablespoonsCorn
flour 150gEggs
2 pcs

Method Of Making Chicken
Corn Soup:

Put chicken in a pan and add water,
carrot chopped, onion slices, proven hot spices, steamed garlic, green coriander
and salt and cook for 30 minutes. Now take a pan made in a pan and add salt,
chicken powder, white chilli powder, red chilli sauce and sweet paste to it. Now
add corn flour and eggs in it and stir well. Your delicious Chicken Corn Soup is
ready to serve.

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