How to Make Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

This is my favorite recipe for the homemade pineapple cake upside down. Super moist and full of flavor. I make this recipe all the time. While I sit at my desk and see this outside, I desperately crave each and every fruit. Apparently, making delicious fruit cakes and delicious spring fools my mind to make me think that it is really a cake climate again Climate with flip flops, blue jeans and t-shirt with weather, weather with floral scarf, fluid weather with dress.

I dive head first into this super moist pineapple cake with strong pink nail polish on my fingers and mint green on my clothes. The inverted pineapple cake fights apple pie as my favorite dessert. I love both desserts, without a doubt, more than any other dessert on the planet. Serve both with a little vanilla ice cream and I’m in heaven. This is my favorite homemade apple pie recipe if you’re curious. It goes without saying how much I am in love with this sugary brown cake, melted in the mouth and outdated.

List Of

cup of butterLight
brown sugar 1 cupEggs
3 pcs1
cup of pine apple juicePine
apple slices 7 pcsRed
cherry 7 pcs170g
of flour1
teaspoon of baking powderSalt
as needed

Method Of Making Pineapple
Upside Down Cake:

In a bowl, take light brown sugar and mix it with oil in a bowl. Now take a bowl and add the chilli powder in it and mix it. Now, add egg and pineapple juice and mix in flour, baking powder, pine apple juice with salt and mix well. Now add one molds and prepared air paste a little bit, add red cherry pineapple slices to it and fill the mold with the rest of the prepared mixtures. Now, bake it at 200-180 degrees Celsius for twenty five to thirty minutes. Your delicious down-side pineapple apple cake is ready to serve.

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