Lottery Sambad Today Result

Sambad is a local “Odia language” everyday newspaper. In the district of Odisha, it is considered as one of the largest spread Odia newspapers. The Sambad is published since the capital city of Bhubaneswar, as well as from Rourkela, Cuttack, Berhampur, Balasore, and Sambalpur.

In October 1984, the first edition of this newspaper was published in Bhubaneswar. The most played lottery in India is Lottery Sambad. You can get all lottery sambad today result from this website easily in PDF format. The people from around each state are likely to play, in order to test their destiny.

Lottery Sambad Opportunity

This is a great opportunity and a life-changing prospect for those who are looking to play and earn money in a very short span of time by spending just a few Rs. The regional language Sambad newspaper directly belongs to this lottery.

The price is quite less of the ticket which is 6 Rs and the price for the first winner is huge i.e. 26 Lakh INR Rs. The ticket needs to be purchased of the lottery to become a part of this game and wait for the Sambad Lottery result on a respective day, on which the ticket is being purchased.

Latest Lottery Sambad Today Result

The website which is “” must be visited or followed for checking the lottery draw and the results of the Sambad lottery. On this particular website, each day the results of Sambad Lottery are posted on 8 PM, 4 PM, and 11.55 AM, respectively in two file formats. The files can also be downloaded in the form of PDF.

This is a great platform through which one can test his or her luck. The Sambad Lottery is a great game to play and test one’s destiny, as it is very beneficial for those who are in a need of immediate money.

This lottery game can provide one with significant and a huge amount of money. So, the people’s luck needs to be showcased in order to achieve this Sambad lottery and its winning prize.

The files can be downloaded by each and everyone as there are no restrictions for any registration, email or mobile. The instructions that need to be followed are; The foremost step is to open their website i.e. “” and clicking on the results button.

Download Today Lottery Result

The second step after visiting the link of the website is the selection of the respective file format and clicking on it. The third step after landing on the Download page is clicking on Blue Download Link and the results of Lottery Sambad will save inside the mobile device or laptop.

In addition, the results can also be seen online by using a result viewer. The steps are quite simple to view the results of the Sambad Lottery or in order to download these results in a mobile device or laptop.