Lottery Sambad Today Result

Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM, 4PM and 8PM

Lottery Sambad is a collection of lotteries from three major states of India.Which is published in different parts of the day. Whose names are Sikkim State Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery. Let’s move on to the lottery details!

We will tell you in more detail what is the lottery Sambad?

Sambad is a local “Odia language” everyday newspaper. In the district of Odisha, it is considered as one of the largest spread Odia newspapers. The Sambad is published since the capital city of Bhubaneswar, as well as from Rourkela, Cuttack, Berhampur, Balasore, and Sambalpur.

In October 1984, the first edition of this newspaper was published in Bhubaneswar. The most played lottery in India is Lottery Sambad. You can get all lottery sambad today result from this website easily in PDF format. The people from around each state are likely to play, in order to test their destiny.

why it is published? The Main purpose of this lottery is that Increasing Income of the people. So that Their income is not fixed in their home, other purpose of Government is circulate their income and money is not keep in one hand. And they are publish at different times in three major states of India.

Win Money with Lottery Sambad:

Lottery sambad is quite a famous lottery. Tickets for sambad Lottery are purchased in India. Which shows that you can count on this Lottery. Often we think that buying a lottery tickets will not be risking us? But it is not so at all that every lottery in Lottery Sambad live on our Web with Draw.

That is why we can trust him? The price of Lottery ticket is only Rs 6 / -, which can be bought from the poorest people. If you have luck, then you can definitely become Lakhpati winner. Lottery Sambad mainly consists of 3 Result and 4pm Result of West Bengal State Lottery. In the lottery, Lottery begins 11.55am and Lottery sambad night 8pm results. You can try your luck by purchasing this ticket chance. In this way, you can earn money for your family and to make more and more money.

Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM (Download NOW): Lottery Sambad results are available online here. If you want to check lottery Sambad results for today, click on the provided link. All results are given in different file formats. Lottery Sambad announces its results three times a day. You can find results of the day including 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM online at our websites. Our results are accurate and free from any issues. visit our web page and download lottery Sambad three times results. These results are also available in PDF file. You can find all past results also on this page.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

This year 2019 may be lucky for you. So come quickly and participate in Lottery Sambad 2019 and win a chance to change your life. You all know, we announce lottery Sambad token sale three times a day and its results are also announced in three times at 11:55 Am 4 PM and 8 PM. you can also check all results on our website. Stay connected with us and check all results online at the following links. Sambad lottery is one of the top level lotteries in India. Its demand is increasing regularly. Millions of peoples purchased this lottery in a day. For Sambad Lottery results check the provided link.
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  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 8:00 PM


Sikkim state lotteries

Sikkim state lottery, is very famous in India. If anyone of you has purchased this Sikkim state lottery and he/she want to check results for this particular lottery. We have given all lottery results in the above link. Click on the given link for a particular time and download all results of the day.
Nagaland state lotteries
Nagaland state lottery, results for today available online here. You can find Nagaland state lottery in a pdf file and also in DBF file. Check all 2019 results online at this page. You will find all results morning 11:55 AM, Evening 4 PM and for today night 8 PM results online on our websites.
Nagaland State Lottery Prediction:

Today our Expert has predicted Nagaland State Lottery Target Numbers for the morning, mid-day and evening from previous day results. We give just Nagaland State Lotteries fortunate number. Keeping in Mind,We refresh lottery sambad result quick and Nagaland lottery result also. Check the present lottery sambad 11:55 am result,4pm result and 8 pm result before the season of transfer.

Nagaland state lottery result today

Welcome to nagaland state lottery result today, Here you can appreciate and check your day by day results of Nagaland lotteries. We are giving Two Different diversions result on here. Nagaland lottery Dear night and the other is Nagaland Derby Weekly outcome. These diversion results are for Nagaland state individuals just for you.

West Bengal state lottery

Check online West Bengal state lottery results. West Bengal state lottery is most famous in Bengal and almost all around India. Peoples are taking more interest in this lottery. Link for all lottery results is available above. Click and download all results.

Mizoram state lottery result today:

Click and download the Mizoram lottery result today. This Lottery is the second most famous in India. And its tickets purchaser are increasing day by day. To check Mizoram lottery result today, visit this page and check the link given above. You can find this link easily.

Dear Lottery Sambad

From purchasing the lottery tickets to get the result of the lucky draw, dear lottery sambad, system keeps the players or you both can say gambler engage. This lottery is being played all around the country, it means all states of India.

Lottery Sambad Mobile App
We have developed an app for you peoples. It is very easy for all of you to get easy access to all results. You can download this app from the play store. Download this in your android phone and get all latest updates about Lottery Sambad on your phone.

Aajkal Lottery Sambad:  There are different ways to check the today result of this lottery system. Some people write the name of their city while other adds the name of their state for example Mumbai etc. There is also a unique way to get the result of the lucky draw on specific time and it is called aajkal lottery sambad results.

 Who Can Participate in Rajshree Lottery Sambad or GOA state Lottery? 

Everyone who has an Indian identity or provides the Indian identity can purchase the lottery ticket and become part of this game. The lottery sambad ticket is also very cheap and affordable price for every person.

Lottery Sambad Opportunity

This is a great opportunity and a life-changing prospect for those who are looking to play and earn money in a very short span of time by spending just a few Rs. The regional language Sambad newspaper directly belongs to this lottery.

The price is quite less of the ticket which is 6 Rs and the price for the first winner is huge i.e. 26 Lakh INR Rs. The ticket needs to be purchased of the lottery to become a part of this game and wait for the Sambad Lottery result on a respective day, on which the ticket is being purchased.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

The website which is “” must be visited or followed for checking the lottery draw and the results of the Sambad lottery. On this particular website, each day the results of Sambad Lottery are posted on 8 PM, 4 PM, and 11.55 AM, respectively in two file formats. The files can also be downloaded in the form of PDF.

This is a great platform through which one can test his or her luck. The Sambad Lottery is a great game to play and test one’s destiny, as it is very beneficial for those who are in a need of immediate money.

This lottery game can provide one with significant and a huge amount of money. So, the people’s luck needs to be showcased in order to achieve this Sambad lottery and its winning prize.

The files can be downloaded by each and everyone as there are no restrictions for any registration, email or mobile. The instructions that need to be followed are; The foremost step is to open their website i.e. “” and clicking on the results button.

Lottery Sambad Result timings and Schedule

Lottery Sambad draw is held 3 times in dailybasis. Below diagram depicts lottery Sambad official time.

Download Today Lottery Result

The second step after visiting the link of the website is the selection of the respective file format and clicking on it. The third step after landing on the Download page is clicking on Blue Download Link and the results of Lottery Sambad will save inside the mobile device or laptop.

In addition, the results can also be seen online by using a result viewer. The steps are quite simple to view the results of the Sambad Lottery or in order to download these results in a mobile device or laptop.

You Can Asked Question About Lottery Sambad:

People also asked for these below question about Lottery Sambad.

Which States Presents Lottery Sambad?

The states that currently have sambad lotteries are: west Bengal, Sikkim State, Nagaland State.

Can you play the lottery Sambad in a different state?

Yes, As a general rule if you live in one state and win a dhankesari lottery in another, you’re first taxed by the state where you bought the lottery ticket. Then, if your home state has the same or a lower tax rate than the other state, you won’t have to pay taxes in your state.

Does every state have lottery Sambad?

Sambad tickets aren’t for sale in every state, however. Specifically, six states—Delhi,Mumbai,Ahmedabad—don’t have state lotteries, and therefore don’t sell tickets for Powerball or any other multi-state lottery games.

How much tax do you pay on a 26 Lakhs lottery ticket?

Therefore, if your taxable income, not including a Rs.10000/- lottery prize, is Rs.15,000/-, your lottery winnings would be taxed in the 15 percent bracket. In other words, you’ll owe Rs.1,500/- in tax paid.

What happens if you buy a dhankesari lottery ticket in another state?

The next thing is available if you buy a Sambad lottery ticket in another state, is that you cannot claim the prize in your state. You have to claim form the state where you bought the ticket. This is because each state has it’s own lottery company authority that runs all the games that you can play there.

Which states allow dhankesari lottery in India?

There is no blanket ban on lotteries across the whole country. But, only 13 states allow these lotteries. These are Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam,Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya.